I’ll be attending the event. “Close-up DHARMA – Buddhist sculptor / Gizan Kato” / Other Notices

I’ll be attending the event.”Close-up DHARMA – Buddhist sculptor / Gizan Kato” at “KOKORO Academy / Tsukiji Honganji Lounge Satellite Temple”.

I will tell you about the basic techniques of Buddha statues, the techniques I use, the way I think about Buddha.

It is not stiff. Please come and visit us.

[Date] 2018.6.21 19:00-20:30
[Charge] 1,000 Yen
[Venue] Tsukiji Honganji GINZA SALON(Addres:2-6-4 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo Takenaka Ginza Building 5F/TEL:03-6263-0430)

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